Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here we go....

Well, here we go.......the wait is finally over! I go in for my surgery bright and early tomorrow morning. I have to check in at the hospital by 6am. For whatever reason I am totally freaking out! I have never had surgery like this before and the Dr keeps reminding me of all the possible complications and problems that could arise......I know he just wants me to be informed and prepared, but all it is doing is making me that much more anxious. 

I was going over all my admissions paperwork again and came across the workbook for an "Advanced Directive", and for whatever reason I was compelled to fill it out. I know that this procedure is relatively routine, but since the Dr seemed so compelled to educate me on all the risks, I decided not to take any chances. Should things turn sour, I am very specific on what I want regarding life saving measures (i.e. no feeding tubes, no breathing machines). Obviously, Brian is not very happy with this topic of conversation....and quite frankly neither am I, but it needs to be discussed. I will not live via machines!! I have always felt this way, and now, given what I do for a living, I am even more adamant regarding end of life care. 

Alright, alright....enough of the morbid death talk. 

I guess I will sign off for now. I will try to post an update from the hospital post surgery, if the crappy hospital wi-fi permits. Otherwise, I'll see y'all in a couple of days.....please keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow! Much love to all!!!!!