Saturday, July 26, 2014


My body writhes in agony
And no one seems to care
I pray for some acknowledgement
But very few are there

I cry on social media
Just looking for compassion
But most people only care about
Celebs and the latest fashions

No one really understands
The reasons for my pain
Some doctors even seem to think
I am simply going insane

All I truly want right now
Is a real diagnosis
Someone to say that this is real
And not just some psychosis

All the hope and optimism is 
Slipping through my fingers
I feel the fear overtaking me
And the anxiety just lingers

I wish I had a magic wand
To make this disappear
The chronic pain, anxiety
And most of all the fear

I beg for understanding
From my friends and family
I am not a hypochondriac 
How can I make them see

Some days are better than others
But regardless I am sick
Some days I can't do anything
It's not a lie or a trick

Just because I don't look ill
Doesn't make it nonexistent 
I assure you it's inside of me
And terribly persistent

So when you see me looking well
And trying to be included
Don't assume that I am better
Or that I was just deluded

I have a few close family and friends
That come by or call on the phone
I thank God everyday for them
Because without them I'd be utterly alone

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