Sunday, September 18, 2011

Karma is a bitch!!!

It has been quite a while since I posted on here, but so much has been going on I just haven't had the time. "What's been happening" you might ask....well ask and ye shall receive, so here we go......

I really need to start from the beginning for you to get the full impact of the situation. Back in July of last year I was promoted to ASM of the Salem TJMaxx store. Sounds wonderful right? Wrong!!! That was the beginning of the end as they say. Oh it started out store, new position, an amazing new staff and what I thought would be an amazing boss...I couldn't have been more wrong! I had every intention of retiring from TJMaxx, it was my career.....well that all went down the drain a few months later. The situation there between me and my boss was toxic....I am pretty sure he hated me! It just kept getting worse and worse. Everything came to a head in December when I started getting sick. I had never realized how bad stress is for your body until that time......It wasn't like I caught a cold, it was constant unexplained weight loss, my hair was falling out, my stomach was in constant knots, my throat would tighten to the point where I couldn't swallow, I couldn't eat, I barely was really bad. I ended up off work for a week. During that week I had blood draws, various tests, I even had a colonoscopy. It was one of the scariest weeks of my life...well, until now but we will get to that in a minute. After all of that the Dr told me to avoid stress and come back if my symptoms persisted. I went back to work and talked to my boss, but nothing changed. After the hectic holiday season I finally decided enough was enough and quit. I got an amazing job as a caregiver at an Alzheimer's facility. I thought all my problems were behind me......boy, was I wrong!

Almost three months to the day of starting my new job, I got what I thought was a kidney infection. I went to the Dr and was told just that, I was sent home with antibiotics and pain meds. As the day progressed the symptoms got much worse and I ended up in the ER, I didn't have an infection, I had an obstructed kidney which wasn't draining and would require surgery, but first they needed to put in a stint to allow the kidney to you can imagine I was terrified and confused. That situation began on June 6th and didn't come to an end until Sep 9th when the final stint was removed. I immediately felt better. It took three hospital stays and three procedures including surgery, but I felt like it was finally coming to an end and everything would be getting back to normal. I was scheduled to finally go back to work on September 16th and everything was going according to plan...until the afternoon of September 14th...the day after my 32nd birthday.

Well, actually it started on my birthday.....

I had a really strange pain in my lower left groin. Kinda like I had pulled a muscle or was annoying, but not debilitating and so I ignored it. The next day, I woke up and the pain was still there, only this time it was difficult to walk. I was a little worried, but was still going with the pulled muscle theory. Then the fever started....Brian started to get concerned! He thought I had developed some kind of infection. I was worried, but I had seen so many Dr's and been to the hospital so many times recently that the mere thought of calling or going in sent me into panic mode. I finally caved around 9pm and called my urologist answering service. After talking to my Dr, it was decided that I should go to the ER......of course this infuriated me, but I relented, mostly to make Brian stop hounding me. When we got to the ER they hooked me up to an IV, took some blood and urine, and gave me some pain meds.....all pretty routine, with me whining that I wanted to go home the whole time! All the tests came back normal, and I thought I was almost home free, then the Dr decided to do a CT scan just to make sure everything was ok with my former surgery. About an hour later the DR comes in the room, sits down (never a good sign) and says that I have a large blood clot in my groin and they were admitting me to the hospital. I have never been so terrified in my entire life! A blood clot is serious can kill you if it ends up in the wrong place! So, there I was, my mortality staring me in the face, and all I could think was "please don't make me stay here, I don't want to be in the hospital..." I was there for two days, hooked up to an IV of Heparin (a blood thinner), and God knows what else. On the second day they said I could go home if I gave myself shots of a blood thinner and took Coumadin everyday. I asked if I could go back to work and of course the answer was no, not until the risk of throwing the clot to my lungs had passed, when that will be we don't know. I now have to go to the Anti-coagulation Clinic to get my blood tests done every week and will possibly have surgery to remove the clot and stint the vein, I won't know for sure until I see the vascular specialist.

Not sure what I did to bring all the hell down on me, but it must've been really bad to have karma be this much of a bitch!!

All I can do now is pray!!! And vent on my blog......that's all for now guys, thanks for reading and I'll keep you posted as much as I can...

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