Monday, April 23, 2012

I hate BS!

So, the drama never seems to end! All I wanted was a nice calm weekend with my husband.....evidently I can't even have that!
This last Saturday, while Christian was at the in-laws, Brian and I headed to the coast for some fun in the sun and some much needed R&R. We were about half way there when the phone rang, it was his Mom. There had been a misunderstanding between my father in law and my son regarding his guitar practice. It should have been simple, but before we were even called, John accused Christian of lying and made him write a paper about the consequences of lying. I lost it!!!!! How dare he call my son a liar, Christian doesn't lie, and how dare he punish him before even checking with us, HIS PARENTS, first!!!! I told my mother in law that if this type of situation continued, Christian would no longer be allowed at their house until John is in Alaska this summer. ( If you haven't figured it out yet, my last post was about my father in law John. He is the family member who blew up a situation and disowned me ) Of course, Mom got upset and asked John to call us and apologize because his issues were affecting her relationship with her grandson and us. He called Brian's phone, but he was driving and couldn't answer, not a half hour later John leaves another message accusing Brian of ignoring his call and avoiding the situation.....yeah John, our whole fucking lives revolve around you and your timeframe....God what an ass!!! Brian finally called him back and John stood by all his opinions! He defended his punishment of Christian, he stood behind all the emails he sent me and blamed the whole situation on me! Brian finally hung up on him, but not before I yelled a few choice words and names toward the phone.
I am done!!!! FUCK John and his self righteous, stubborn attitude! There is no salvaging this relationship. If I had my way he would have no access to my children either, but I don't want to punish my mother in law! That being said, ONE more situation, just one, and that is what will have to happen. I will NOT allow my childs spirit to be broken, I will NOT allow my child to become a fearful, bitter person like John!!!!!!!!!! No matter what John may think, I am a good mother and I will not sit back and let my children be hurt!
I hate this whole situation! It hurts me to my core, and with everything else going on in my life, this is the LAST thing I need! Now, I just need to figure out how to move on without a person that used to mean the world to me....

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