Friday, March 14, 2014

You asked for it....Part Deux

After some conversations with fellow sufferers I decided to add an addendum to my last post regarding answers to health related questions from well meaning friends and/or family.

For those of us who suffer from chronic conditions that cause wide spread chronic pain life is hard on a good day. We have learned through trial and error what we are and are not capable of doing in our everyday lives and try to prevent as much of the pain as possible and even knowing that we tend to fail frequently and overdo things. Most days, even those days where we limit our activities to that which is absolutely necessary, we suffer from the kind of pain that would send most "normal" people to the ER! A lot of us made multiple trips to our local emergency rooms early on in our illnesses because we didn't know what our "new normal" was or how much pain is "too much". In my first two years I was admitted to the hospital three times, almost died twice and made so many trips to the ER that I lost count....I finally gave up when I realized that the pain was my new BFF and I just had to get used to it because there was nothing more that the Dr's could do for me! As it was my last two ER visits I was treated like a hypochondriac pill head and sent home with nothing more than an order to rest and to call my PCP for an appointment. Healthy people just don't get it! They have no way of comprehending what we go through 24/7, 365. It's not their fault either. Why would they understand? How could they? Even those people that have had family members or close friends with a chronic illness still have no way of truly understanding this kind of suffering. Only those that also suffer can ever really be "in the know"! It's like death, only those that have experienced the loss of a loved one can empathize with another that has had the same loss. 

I hate the thought of anyone else having to suffer this way but at the same time I am glad there are others like me because they are the ONLY ones that will ever be able to understand! It's nice to have people to talk to period but it's bliss to have people to talk to the know exactly where I am coming from and know exactly how I feel!!!!!

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