Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The icing on the proverbial cake!

So first I'd like to say Merry Christmas one and all! I'd also like to say that the drama from yesterday was behind us....yeah, not even close!
After a nice morning with the kids, a special breakfast and opening gifts, I stepped outside and what did I see......bare in mind I'd been out a few times throughout the morning and nothing was there......my late Grandfathers car ( which was given to me after he passed away and was being stored out at the in-laws house ) sitting in front of our house, filled with some of Brian's stuff and the keys on my entry table.....the icing on the cake? A big red bow attached to the hood! I was livid! The car is being sold, but not till we can fix it up and then all of Brian's things were incomplete. Tools with parts missing, his washing station without the drum, a box of his old books that had all been chewed up by mice and left mice shit strewn around the back of my car......yeah...grrrrrrrrr! Brian ended up texting his Mom to find out about his '57 Chevy that is still out there, her response was that they need to talk, but that John was angry about his stepmother being "hurt" by Christian not being at her house last night so he returned the car. How immature and irrational! All this because we didn't want to separate the kids on Christmas......this situation literally ruined my Christmas! I was actually in the spirit this year for once and they totally smashed it ( along with my heart )!
I am so sick of this and so sick of my husband getting hurt and upset by his own mother and stepfather, but I have no way of fixing it now. I never did anything wrong and I will not apologize for putting my kids first!!!!!!
Sorry guys, had to vent! Love you all and Happy New Year!

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